Make the most out of your strategy.

To grow your firm, you must understand your markets, your customers and your competitors. A good strategy tells you how to outcompete your rivals and win customers from your competitors. However, your firm’s resources need to match with your strategy.
Quum strategy analysis identifies your strengths and gaps in marketing, selling, business strategy, and moreover, shows if you have the needed resources to execute your strategy.
Do your strategy consulting yourself.
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Start-up analysis

A model for a young but growing firm.
Quum start-up analysis makes you to check that you have paid sufficient attention to your firm's marketing and selling skills, business strategy, and you have the needed resources.
Allows one person to fill in the analysis. Includes 192 statements (2 first maturity levels). Printable results (not in Android or iOS).
Price € 29 including VAT.

SME analysis

A model for a skillful top management team.
Quum SME analysis reveals your firm's growth path from a start-up firm to an international SME. Results show if your firm has needed marketing and selling skills, strong strategy, and moreover, if your firm possesses suitable resources. In addition, Quum SME analysis reveals if your firm's top management team share a common vision on the most crucial operative issues.
Allows the whole top management team to fill in the analysis. Includes 480 statements (all 5 maturity levels). Printable report.
Price € 744 including VAT.