Powerful analysis.

Traditional business analysis models, like SWOT analysis or balanced scorecard, show you the facts that you already know. in Quum analysis, you select either Yes or No in carefully defined, simple and understandable statements. All Quum analysis statements are related to your firm's marketing, selling, strategy and resources, and more importantly, they reflect the all operative issues that a top management team has to deal with.
All you need is an internet connection.

Quum analysis reveals your growth path.

Statements start from elementary operative issues that any top management team need to consider.
The statements become more challenging as the Quum analysis progresses, as they do in real life along with firm growth.
Quum analysis ends with statements that a relatively large firm with multiple business units will face.

Quum analysis reveals disagreement.

Quum analysis is for top management team. Each member fills in the Quum analysis individually, the results show how unanimous the team is.
Prior analyses show that severe disagreement might jeopardize firm growth.
Results from the Quum analysis pushes the management team to align their opinions, and in doing this, enhance firm's growth.

Quum analysis reveals gaps.

Quum analysis shows the strength of your business and reveals gaps for further growth.
Moreover, Quum is an analysis that allows you to see into the future - Quum analysis reveals all the stages from small start-up company into a multinational company.